dispute resolution

At TRINTA&DUAS, we believe that conflict resolution is one of the most important pillars to maintain our customers' satisfaction.
To ensure a quick and effective resolution, we have a dedicated team that is always willing to listen and help our customers.

In addition to the support of our service, we also provide a direct contact channel, where customers can send us their suggestions, compliments or complaints - suporteaocliente@trintaeduas.com

The conditions of this contract are subject to Portuguese law. The attribution of competence in case of dispute, and the lack of amicable agreement between the parties will be submitted to the competent courts of Portugal despite the plurality of defendants and/or whatever the type of procedures.

144/2015, the consumer may also resort to an Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution Entity: CNIACC – National Center for Information and Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts (www.arbitragemdeconsumo. org).